The marathon was a great success!

We raised $75,000!

September 28 – October 17

What is the Math-a-thon?

The Math-a-thon is the Sakai PTO’s major annual fundraiser.

The money we raise supports, supplies, equipment and items not otherwise funded through other channels. Through teacher initiated grants, the PTO is able to provide support for items such as PE & playground equipment, books for the library, educational assemblies, field trip transportation and supplies for art & music.

How does it work?

  • Students pledge to do more individualized math daily by spending extra class and homework time on one of the approved programs: Reflex Math or Khan Academy. These are self paced programs so each student can make progress and be successful in their own way.
  • Students seek out donations from family, friends & neighbors.
  • Be sure to ask your student about their daily progress…..we suspect they will be quite proud of their progress and the prizes they earn with each progress mark!


$100 per student or $2500 per classroom & a school goal of $48,000

Prizes & Rewards

  • Top 30 students will win prizes donated by the PTO and the generous Bainbridge Island community.
  • Prize categories including but not limited to:
    • Most donations over $5
    • Most inspirational, industrious & enterprising efforts
  • When we reach our all school goal, the kids win a Hogwarts Halloween Carnival

When is it?

The fundraiser is one of the first events of the Sakai school year: September 28-October 17. Your student will come home that day with a packet containing all of the information you need to participate and to support your student’s efforts during the following pledge week.

Who participates and how?

We need EVERYONE to participate!

This is a whole-school fundraiser and it benefits every Sakai Student, in one way or another. During pledge week, students will ask family members and friends to be their math-a-thon sponsors. For the sponsorship, students pledge to do EXTRA MATH problems at home and at school!

What can parents do to help?

  • Register and Dontate
  • Every class with 20 students registered by October 5th win a donut party!
  • We will need lots of help to plan the carnival so be on the look-out for sign ups!