What is the Math-a-thon?

The Math-a-thon is the Sakai PTO’s major annual fundraiser.

The funds raised are used for: Intramural Sports, classroom supplies and equipment, Student Broadcast equipment, educational assemblies, ‘Sakai Reads’ books, P.E. and Playground equipment, Art Docent and Art in school program, after school homework club and many more programs that enrich the education and support health of Sakai intermediate school students.

That averages out to about $125.00-$150.00 per student. We want every family to participate in the Math-a-thon event to the extent that they are comfortable. We recognize that not every family can contribute or raise that much, while some will be able to donate more. Every donation, large or small, is appreciated and will help the PTO continue to provide funding for Sakai programs and grants.

When is it?

The fundraiser is one of the first events of the Sakai school year! Your student will come home that day with a packet containing all of the information you need to participate and to support your student’s efforts during the following pledge week.

Who participates and how?

We need EVERYONE to participate!

This is a whole-school fundraiser and it benefits every Sakai Student, in one way or another. During pledge week, students will ask family members and friends to be their math-a-thon sponsors. For the sponsorship, students pledge to do EXTRA MATH problems at home and at school!

What can parents do to help?

You can be a math-a-thon sponsor and you can help your child gather sponsorship from generous friends and family. To fulfil their Math-a-thon pledge, please encourage your student to reach Reflex and Khan academy math milestones daily!

We also need help with tallying and accounting when the Math-a-thon envelopes come due.